Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bouquet from heaven

Remember recently when my mom and dad left and I was really sad?? Well later that morning I went down into my studio and was creating. While I was down there I got the sweetest email from a reader. She told me how she was getting ready to adopt a teenager from another country, and how she was leaving her other two children behind for a really long time in order to do this...and it was scary. Even though God told her to do it, she was struggling. She wanted to buy my love bravely necklace.

I felt really impressed that I was just supposed to give it to her. He puts things like that on my heart every now and then, so I emailed her back and she was just elated.

Well within minutes of my decision to bless her I got blessed myself. My neighbor brought over this gorgeous bouquet of peonies just for me. I was overwhelmed. They were just what I needed to brighten my lonely day:)

I am amazed at how the Lord works. He cares so much for us that it's like a chain reaction. If you listen to His voice and obey, He will pour that back into your life and it keeps going and going. If it hadn't been within minutes I might not have recognized His involvement in the whole thing, but I just know it was Him! Just had to share this with you:)

Have a blessed day.

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