Sunday, June 6, 2010

The shift

Last weekend was kind of long. We didn't have big plans, so we just piddled around the house. Honey stained the deck etc... We found ourselves taking the girls to a park.

the sentimentalist I was reflecting a little too much...making myself sad. I remember bringing them to this park when we first moved here. Little chick was just a baby and Big chick a toddler.

would eat lunch under that tree, spreading out a blanket to eat our applesauce and pretzels. I didn't have any friends yet, and so they were my company. I spent many hours dragging them from park to park with picnic basket in tow.

Now they just look a little awkward at a park. Instead of running and playing they just kind of meander and visit with each other. I feel a shift coming. They are growing up... my babies are getting BIG!

I guess we have to shift with them right? Time to try some other activities. Before Honey and I had the girls we used to love going to the driving range and hitting golf balls. We were really BAD, but it was just fun being outside...trying to look like we knew what we were doing;)

We don't have a set for them yet. Just wanted to see if they would like it first. They thought it was so much fun, and so did we. It is beyond weird that we are finally at that stage we can bring them with us. How did that happen??

shift is happening in us too. We are becoming more settled. We've lived in this house for six years. I can't believe that. It's the longest we've been anywhere by double. Shifting is good...I think, but what's next??

Have a blessed day.

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