Thursday, March 4, 2010

Toothfairy...yay or nay?

Little Chick has had a tooth hanging on by a thread for what seems like forever. Those front teeth can be tough, so we've just been waiting.

really wanted Big Chick to pull it out for her. But she wanted me there too... for support:) I'm really surprised she trusted her sis so much. I love that.

time Big Chick would get close she'd get scared and pull away. So finally momma had to come to the rescue...

Tears were shed, but we got it! She's really scared of blood.

was so proud. In the car later she told me she knew the tooth fairy was real. She didn't know how it got in her room, but she knew it was true. I just said "Really!"

We have always been very forthright with our kids regarding Santa and the Easter bunny. We were both raised that way and because of our faith we just didn't go there with the make believe stuff. I know that is probably shocking to a lot of you;)

Because the tooth fairy isn't tied to our religious beliefs it's been easier to stay mysterious. So I've never denied that it's real, but never said it was either. There is this little part of me that has fun watching her believe in something so silly and childlike. It's a thrill playing the tooth fairy. I get excited slowly cracking the door open to her room; tiptoeing across the floor; trying really hard not to wake her up as I slip my hand under her pillow:) Not sure when she'll stop believing, and unless she asks I think I'll stay quiet on this one for a while;)

I'm curious how you handle childhood fables

Have a blessed day.

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