Sunday, March 7, 2010

Special somethings...

was a surprise on my doorstep this week.
One of my readers made me a beautiful painting. She loved my view and decided to paint it.

I just say how much I love this! Katrina you did such an amazing job. No matter where we end up I'll always have this gift to remind me of this place...this time. Thank you!!!

now and then I do a post with some of my favorite little things. So I wanted to share some of my treasures from my recent trip to Seattle. When I travel I always try to buy a fragrance while I'm there. I wear it every day and then when I get home and wear it it reminds me of that trip. I got this lemony fragrance at Watson of Lissa's favorite places:) It definitely reminds me of Seattle.

also saw this book there too. Remember my theme word for the year... BE! Well when I opened this book I knew it was for me. On every page is a be still, be proactive, be happy etc... and then a quote. I love quotes.

Love this!!!

I sit down with my BE book I can brew some yummy Market Spice Tea. Several of you told me to get some and I was good can it be?? Well I gotta say it's really GOOD. Every afternoon I make a cup and it's like dessert:) The best calories!

I finally got my bowl in the mail this week. It's so pretty. Glazes are hard to work with. They are gloppy and you never know what color it's going to turn out, but that's half the fun. It's challenging and the end result is a surprise:)

time I look at it I remember my friend and that special day...BEing crafty, creative and having so much fun:)

Have a blessed day.

Thanks to all of you who participated in the "tooth fairy" discussion. I really enjoyed learning about all of your traditions. I laughed so hard at some of your comments!! It thrills my heart that despite our differences we can share our beliefs and have a safe place to discuss things. That so far has been one of my favorite things about blogging. I just love you guys:)

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