Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This little light of mine:)

This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine, oh this little light of mine...I'm gonna let it shine. I loved that song as a kid. Can I just say I'm a little giddy about my new chandelier! I've always wanted one. I had a dream that someday I'd be able to put one over my bathtub and this weekend that dream became a reality:)

I saw this lovely light from a post Tara did a while back. I was smitten. I called up the charming South African man with the wonderful accent and promptly placed my order. If you want one too... I can hook you up!

This idea was all warm and fuzzy for me, but a huge part in the process was getting Honey on board. He hates handyman stuff. It stems from years of playtime being lost as a child helping his dad with stuff, so now that his dad is gone it makes him sentimental and sad. I really hate bothering him, but it had to be done;)

What should have been an easy job though turned into a nightmare project and nothing seemed to be working right. But after three trips to Home Depot and plenty of set backs we got it working. I say WE because I helped a lot. Someone had to hold the light...for what seemed like hours:)

It's finished and I LOVE IT!!!! I keep finding excuses to go into the bathroom. I loved taking baths before, but now it's an event. Amazing how a little twinkle and sparkle can change a room;)

Have a blessed day.

On a side note today is our 20 year "dating" anniversary. Even Honey remembered! Oh Lord I love this man. Thank you Jesus for placing me with my perfect match:) Can you believe we were just 16 when we started dating?

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