Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sasha's Heart

As most of you know I jumped ship this week and headed out to the Seattle area for a visit with some blogging friends. My first stop was to visit Sasha from Lemonade Makin' Mama.

This is the warm welcome I received when I got off the plane. How sweet is that? I felt like a celebrity;) Kind of fun to have that feeling once in your life!

My first impression of Sasha was that she looked just like she did on her blog. She has that great smile and gorgeous hair. She was a lot smaller in person. I actually felt tall standing next to her:) I never feel tall!

Sasha showed me her life. She drove me by her grocery store and where she had her bible study. She took me to her favorite places to hike. We had tea. She loves tea:) She worked me out...literally! I went on three different walks with her. I was so sore the next day from walking the hills. My shins were screaming.

It was such a treat being outside. She probably thought I was a little nutty. I took pictures of every little thing. The moss on a rock, the fungus growing on a tree, the ferns shooting out of the ground. It was just breathtaking to see nature again. Living with all white for months at a time is HARD. I sooo enjoyed being in the fresh air and just smelling the earth; listening to the birds chirp. It was a big hit for me to experience that.

places she hikes are just gorgeous. Each spot she took me was different. The first walk of the day was near her house and it had beautiful views of the bay and mountains. Very hilly and just a great workout.

Then we went to a park that took us deep into the woods. I got to experience the Pacific Northwest first hand. It reminded me a lot of the Twilight movies. It had that magical green color and everything was so lush. There were even waterfalls:)

Finally we ended up in her town's little downtown area and walked the boardwalk. The sun was shining and everyone was out. There was excitement in the air. You could tell that the people there do not take sunshine for granted.

The highlight while we were downtown was stopping at a paint your own pottery place and creating. It was just the PERFECT thing for us to do. We both love to make stuff and getting to make that memory while we were together was really special for me. Every time I look at that bowl, I will remember the time we got to spend together.

A long time ago Sasha used to call her blog Sasha's heart. Even though I like her new name better, the old one fits. Sasha has a huge heart. She's real and sincere. She was genuinely interested in me and made me feel special. I loved the easy conversation that flowed and how we just had so much in common. My only regret is that I didn't get to spend more time with her. She has officially passed the "online friend" status and won a spot in my heart forever. What an amazing 24 hours:)

Have a blessed day.

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