Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chase the Lion

A few months ago I ordered Beth Moore's newest book So Long Insecurity. I'm about half way through it and I'm learning so much about myself. I don't think there is a single soul out there that doesn't have an insecurity in one shape or another.

I'll admit...I have a lot of them. I struggle with insecurity about being a good enough mom, artist, friend etc... If you know me well you know that I bring up my faults easily. It's a defense mechanism. I point them all out first, so you know that I know that I know them. Crazy huh??

Anyway I just came across this amazing quote that I saved months ago. When I read it again it really spoke to me, because this is how I want to live my life...fearless, no holding back, not afraid of making mistakes, not giving up without a fight, not worrying about what people think, enjoying every minute of every day...chasing those lions! Just wanted to share it with you:)

"Quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death.

Grab life by the mane.

Set God-sized goals. Pursue God-ordained passions.

Go after a dream that is destined to fail without divine intervention.

Keep asking questions. Keep making mistakes. Keep seeking God.

Stop pointing out problems and become part of the solution.

Stop repeating the past and start creating the future.

Stop playing it safe and start taking risks.

Expand your horizons. Accumulate experiences.

Consider the lilies. Enjoy the journey.

Find every excuse you can to celebrate everything you can.

Live like today is the first day and last day of your life.

Don't let what's wrong with you keep you from worshipping what's right with God.

Burn sinful bridges. Blaze a new trail.

Criticize by creating. Worry less about what people think and more about what God thinks.

Don't try to be who you're not. Be yourself. Laugh at yourself.

Quit holding out. Quit holding back. Quit running away.

Chase the lion." - Mark Batterson

DELIVERANCE is coming! I'm chasing that Lion:)

Have a blessed day.

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