Monday, January 4, 2010

The Happy List

Holy cow you all had a lot to say about my last post! Thank you for sharing your experiences and giving me a lot to think about. I am always so thankful to have you to share my life with, because I really do believe you give me your honest opinion and that matters a great deal to me.

I was recently nominated for a "happy 101" award by my friend Lori from Wildflowers. I found this a little ironic since I struggle with happiness sometimes, but I'm always up to a challenge, so I did a little soul searching and came up with a wonderful list:)

So first on my list is honey. He's my best friend in the whole world. We've been together now longer than a part, and I can't imagine life without him. You know that Jerry Macguire movie...the scene where the deaf people are signing in the elevator?? Well Honey completes me...nuff said!

My girls bless my life every single day. I get to hug and squeeze them...which I desperately need for some reason. It will be a sad day if they ever stop letting me. They are super fun and I really love being with them. I don't just love them, I like them. Does that make sense? So glad they are my kids. I really look forward to them getting older and going shopping with them, and hopefully living close and enjoying their families etc... Anyway they bring tons of happiness my way.

momma is my every day friend. You know the person you talk to about everything. She is that person because she loves me despite my shortcomings. She is how a mom is supposed to be. She's my biggest fan in any area of my life and just adores me for some reason. How could that not make you happy!

My girlfriends. I have blogging friends, the Bunco girls, bible study buddies, college friends etc...all my friends are so different, but each one fills a special spot in me. I need them all. Lori and Marylynn are pictured above. They are my "hometown" friends. Every time I go home I spend as much time as I possibly can with them...why?? Because they make me HAPPY!

Oh and I couldn't leave out my vices...doughnuts and coffee. I only get the doughnuts a couple of times a year, but the coffee is the first thing I think about in the morning. Isn't that awful? Seriously that song...the best part of waking up is Folger's in your cup, wasn't that pure genius?

My friend Missy more or less made me learn to love coffee. I wasn't a coffee drinker until about 2 years ago. She bought me a giftcard to a coffee shop for my birthday. Weird, since I didn't drink coffee at the time;) And then every time I would go to her house she would make it for me... all doctored up with tons of flavored creamer. Then we went on a trip together, and having it every morning for a week was the final straw. I got to craving it, and it really did help me wake up and look forward to a new day. So now I'm hooked. She also got me to drink alcohol a little...every now and then a margarita sure sounds heavenly. HMMM...I think I'm seeing a pattern here, maybe friends are a bad influence:o HA...just kiddin'!!!!

I know I have more things that make me happy: music, painting, The LORD, Fergie etc... but now I'm curious about your list. What things make you happy?? Give me your top 5 that are different than mine!!

Have a blessed day.

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