Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Goodbye my little friend

I can't believe I'm sharing this with you. Honestly it's a wonder I have anything left to reveal...HA!!! But since I'm an open book and obviously have many layers, you might as well know this little known fact about me. I'm a hairy girl! There I said it:O

My two older brother's teased me about my hairy gorilla legs when I was younger and that's when I decided to be a rebel and shave above my knee. This was strictly forbidden by my momma who told me that someday when I got married my husband wouldn't like stubble up high on my thigh:) Isn't that hilarious?

In an effort to keep my crazy facial hair under control I've been using this little battery operated razor I got from Target. It did the trick, but seriously I have been using it sometimes twice a day. When honey's grandma had her stroke, she was laid up in the hospital and I hate to say this, but she practically grew a beard. Ever since seeing her that way I have been afraid that might be my fate someday.

(this is after...hardly any redness)

Anyway for Christmas I told honey I didn't want a thing other than laser hair reduction. He of course bought me something anyway, because he's a sweetheart. But today was the day I went in and got lasered. I've had it done once before a few years ago and it really hurt. The laser just zoomed in on those dark hairs and sizzled them. It smelled bad too. I remember breaking out into a cold sweat. Well today I can say the experience was a lot more pleasant. Apparently laser's have evolved a little. It still burned some and was uncomfortable, but it was definitely bearable. It's expensive and a little vain, but as far as vanity is concerned I draw the line at having a mustache and gotee. Is that too much to ask??

Have a blessed day.

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