Friday, November 13, 2009

Fashion dork?

I usually don't talk about fashion, because I don't really know that much about it. I just know what I like and if I'm lucky enough to find it... I try to snatch it up:) Well this hat is my latest little find. I loved it. Found it at Patina the other day and knew immediately it was me;) When I tried it on for Honey, he called me a dork:o Nothing can deflate a person faster than thinking they look all cute and then wham the dork comment comes out. What do you think?? This is a loaded question I know but, do I look like a dork?

really close. See those glittery birds in our that is dorky. See I know what dorky is:)

remember the first time I walked into an Anthropologie store. I felt like the "mothership" had come for me and I was finally home! It was all things artsy, creative and different. The bedding was colorful and quirky. The clothes were beautiful and expressive. I just fell in love.

I looked at the price tags and my love affair came to a screeching halt. WHY? Why...when I finally find the store that could possible define my style does it have to be out of my reach financially?? Oh well...sniff, sniff. Even though I only buy things that are on clearance 75% off or $30.00 or less, it hasn't dampened my enthusiasm for browsing. I actually get a little short of breath and teary eyed when I walk through the doors. That's a little sick I know....all that to say I was in there this week and found some great leggings. It is my lame attempt at being trendy. Have to say I love them. Nothing like wearing pajama type clothing and getting by with it;)

What is your latest fashion find?

Have a blessed day.

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