Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Simple Connection

I was driving home from my bible study the other day and a sweet memory came to me. When Big Chick was just a baby, Honey and I used to sing to her every night before bed. It was our prayer. We'd cradle her in our arms and gently sing these two songs...

Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me.
Master, Savior, Prince of Peace.
Ruler of my heart today.
Jesus Lord to me.

Because He lives...I can face tomorrow.
Because He lives... all fear is gone,
and I know I know He holds the future.
Life is worth the living just because He lives.

It was the perfect wrap up to the day. In one song we told the Lord what He meant to us and in the next we reflected on why we felt that way. I think a prayer doesn't always have to be a "prayer". Singing a song or reciting a special passage of the bible is just as intimate. I know a lot of the time I repeat myself or just don't know how to pray. He was reminding me that drawing near to Him can be as simple as singing a song from the heart. Do you ever struggle with prayer?

Have a blessed day.

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