Monday, November 2, 2009

The dangers of Facebook

When I was 15 I fell head over heels in love. Remember your first love? The butterflies in your stomach...the complete obsession over this one person. The person that you thought would be THE ONE for a lifetime. Well that was my experience and at 15! Several months ago he Facebooked me. Shocker!! I had not seen or heard from him since our break-up 20 years prior. I sent him a short message wishing him well and never heard another word...until the other night.

got home from our Halloween party and I was checking messages (with my husband standing behind me...he NEVER does that) and there was his name... I couldn't believe my eyes. I opened the message and started reading and quickly realized that Honey should not be reading it! I needed to see it first. It was soul baring, intimate and really personal, but I knew I couldn't keep it from him. So after I read it I called him back in, and he read it too. I wanted him to know I had nothing to secrets. He's a really secure man, but even so he was a little upset.

has opened the door for a lot of things...good and bad. It gives you the chance to reconnect... to revisit the past, but it can also open a "can of worms" so to speak. What if things were not good in my marriage? What if we were going through a tough spot and this person whom I had this connection with became more than just an online buddy? It happens all the time.

I really am thankful that God protected me by allowing my husband to be looking over my shoulder. To be honest I would not really have wanted to share that letter. I wouldn't want to hurt my husband and bringing up the past can be painful. I probably would have shared it anyway, because I would want him to do the same, but with him there it took away the secrecy and that is the danger in Facebook.

I'd be lying if I said it wasn't flattering and interesting to hear from an old flame, but what I really felt when I saw his name was "danger". I encourage you to evaluate your online friendships. What can start as a casual conversation, can easily turn to flirting and so forth. Would you want your husband looking over your shoulder? Satan would like nothing more than to break up a marriage. Remember he comes to kill, steal and destroy.

Have a blessed day.

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