Friday, October 2, 2009

Mission Accomplished

21 days ago I set out to make some new habits, develop some discipline and become a better me. In the past 3 weeks it has been really hard to stick to, but as of today Friday, Oct. 2nd I have accomplished what I set out to do. I completed my 21 day challenge!! What a great feeling to succeed! I have successfully given up sugar and diet soda. Almost every day, except for 1 or 2, I got in my 3 miles in one way or another. I read my bible and created every day. This was a huge life changer.

I really don't want to revert back to my old ways. I hope and pray that I will be able to continue with my dietary changes, because honestly it has helped me in more ways than you can imagine. Last month I wept on the phone to a nurse about my hormones being out of control. The doctor prescribed YAZ for me to help with the PMDD (severe PMS). I purchased the medicine, but after reading the reviews and worrying about the side effects, I decided to wait on it. I'm glad I did. This month come PMS time I literally had one day of bloat and then started. I didn't feel crazy, weepy or irritable and that never happens. It was just a non-event and normally it is a major event with me.

I also commonly have headaches. I pop Ibuprofen all of the time for them. During the last 3 weeks, I only needed it to relieve my headaches. Now if this alone is not reason enough to stop the sugar and diet soda then my 3 pound weight loss is:) I lost 3 pounds without being hungry at all. I ate whatever I wanted with the exception of no sweets and I still lost weight. And when I refer to no sugar, I just mean the sweet cream, pudding, cookies, cake, chocolate etc... That's 3 pounds of pure sugar fat;) It's enough proof for me to continue on this path. I will indulge for special occasions and birthdays, but I feel like some answers have come my way regarding my health and I want to pay attention.

Thanks to all of you for cheering me on and supporting me. I feel like I just crossed a finish line and you were all waiting at the end carrying posters and jumping up and down for me. It's exhilarating.

My mom and dad are driving up today for an 8 day visit and then my mother-in-law arrives the day they leave to help care for the Chicks while I go to BRAVE GIRL CAMP. I am beyond excited for this next adventure. I just know God's got some great things in store. So for the next few weeks I am going to take a breather. I might post a few times, but I probably won't be commenting. It's really hard for me to step back because I love blogging so much, but it will be nice to take a little break. When I come back I'm sure I'll have lots to share with you.

Have a blessed day.

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