Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lessons Learned

Everyone keeps asking me what was the one thing you took away or learned from Brave Girl Camp?? At first I couldn't put my finger on it, there were just too many and they all kind of smooshed together into this magical experience. But after some reflection these are the lessons I gathered...

That strength and character often
are the direct affect of adversity and pain.

That even if you think you have nothing in common with someone
you could have an indescribable common thread with them.

That I want to be generous, personal and kind to every soul
I meet and THAT is what will draw them to my spirit, my faith.

That pain is personal, and that God uses certain experiences
in our lives to mold and shape us; and that sometimes without that pain
we wouldn't be the instruments He needs
to accomplish His will in our lives.

That despite my insecurities I am talented,
creative, unique and there is only one ME.

That what I think I want,
and what I really want
may be two different things.

Everyone is an artist.
We all have the ability to express ourselves,
to create and to share a piece of who we are...
even if we think it's horrible:)

That it's ok to break the rules
every once in a while...
that it's even healthy to give in
to your cravings occasionally.

That I need space.
I need down time to think and feel and be.

That I am blessed in my home life,
personal relationships and with all that God has given to me.

That I am a house and I am responsible for who and what I let in...
is it healthy, is it uplifting, encouraging, good for me??

That I am brave!
I can spread my wings and fly...even to Idaho:)

Have a blessed day.

**Stay tuned! Actual art work is coming next:)
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