Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Festivities

I have to rant for just a sec. I love pictures with my posts. I just do...but lately it is such a pain dealing with uploading them to my computer and editing with Picnik that I'm about to lose my patience. What should be a snappy process takes me forever. Please tell me you have computer problems too. I feel like I'm losing my mind....ugh!!! back to our scheduled programming:)

Today was Little Chick's fall festival at school. There she is in scrubs in the back on the right. When I got to school she took one look at me and ran over, wrapped her arms around my legs and started crying. She has issues with the "costume parade". Always has. I don't think she likes people looking at her, and you know what?? I don't blame her. I remember feeling scared and nervous to do that too when I was little.

she cute?? I volunteered for the party and of course they put me at the face painting table. I suck at face painting. I really really do. Poor kids. Poor me! As I was face to face with all those snotty kindergartners. I just kept praying God please don't let me catch the swine flu from one these kids. I could actually feel them breathing on me:O It wasn't good.

is my favorite children's book...Too Many Pumpkins. It's about a lady who hates pumpkins, because when she was growing up she was poor and they ate pumpkins all the time. Well a pumpkin truck smashes into her yard and she ends up with hundreds and hundreds of pumpkins and she decides to do something wonderful with them. You have got to get this book and read it to your kids. It's really the best!

A few weeks back when my folks were here we went out to Craig and Missy's farm for their annual farm party. I just had to share some of the pics. It was really really cold, so they held most of it in the heated shed...nice! Thanks to them my kids get to carve a pumpkin. I am so anti-mess that this would not happen at my house. Isn't that horrible? But they love it, so thanks Craig and Missy:)

My sweet momma.

The, Missy, Amy and Michelle. Love much to see and do. I am really dreading the winter though. Can we just fast forward please:)

Have a blessed day.

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