Thursday, September 24, 2009

Refining Fire

Our pastor this Sunday taught us about God's will, specifically his permissive will. This perked my ears up, because as I've mentioned a lot lately we have been waiting and waiting for an answer to prayer and in the meantime have grown weary, frustrated, defeated and just plain tired!

Remember Job?? God allowed Satan to test him. Not sure why He allowed it, but he did. Job lost everything: his health, wealth, all of his children, his friends. I'm not comparing our testing to Job's in any way, I just find it interesting how God allows certain things to try us. I really believe that it is sort of a good thing when we are tested. First off, God must really love me and want to do a work in me if He's taking the time to refine my life. Testing and trials are like being burned to the core. You know how precious jewels have to be heated or chipped away to become pure, sparkly and beautiful. Well after this test my Honey and I are going to shine like the royal crown;)

Secondly when we are tested it definitely makes us grow closer to the Lord and what could He possibly want more than for us to seek His face. As my pastor so eloquently put it, "Do we seek his answers, direction and road signs for our lives, or do we seek to be more like Him?" I don't know about you, but I want to be like Him. He was the perfect example of how to lead a flawless and perfect life. Now if I could just learn my lesson already and be done with this boiling pot!

Have a blessed day.

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