Thursday, September 17, 2009

New School

was the first day of a new bible study for me, Beth Moore's study on "Esther - It's tough being a woman". As little Beth Moore is talking 100 miles per hour, using complicated sentences and in depth looks at the history of the book of Esther, I was sure missing my coffee. Since I started my 21 day challenge, for some reason I stopped coffee too. The whole time I was sitting there I was wondering how many cups little Miss Moore drank that morning to make her that perky and sharp. She's just the cutest thing ever.

The theme of our study is not only about Esther, it's also going to relate to the challenges we face as women. Towards the end of her talk she brought up a survey that she did. She asked a large group of women what 3 areas they struggled most in.

They responded:

1.) Yielding, as in finding their role with submission etc...

2.) Balance

3.) Hormones

Now my #1 would definitely be hormones. I've shared before that between pms, ovulation and my actual period there is only about a week out of the month where I feel like myself! So that one was a no brainer.

My #2 would be self confidence. There is this standard as women that I think we all feel a pressure to live up to. Comparing ourselves with other women and trying to have it all together. Always pushing to be our best selves. It's exhausting really. But I haven't found a way to not care, and honestly I think it's good to try to be our best. If only we could completely love ourselves in the process and realize that we are who we are and not try to conform to what "others" are.

Last but not least, my #3 would be balance too. I am always juggling ten million things at once. Not always on the exterior, but internally I have a mental check list going. Before I go to bed at night I still have thoughts and to-do lists running in my mind and if I don't write them down I just toss and turn. It is a challenge being a mom and running a household and all that that entails. Women have a lot on their plate. It's just the way it is.

What would be your top 3 areas of challenge as a woman??

Have a blessed day.

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