Sunday, September 13, 2009

Movin' On

Well this past week has been one of change. Big Chick started a new elementary school, due to a boundary change and Little Chick started Kindergarten! I have to say I was READY for school to start. They were too. We had some nerves especially with the new schools, but the week was a success. Both girls love their teachers and have made some new friends.

Big Chick's teacher called me one afternoon and said he needed to talk to me about her. My heart stopped a little you know. Well, he said pausing on my machine for dramatic effect "____ has had an outstanding week so far...." Then my machine cut him off, so I called him at school to hear the rest of the message. He went on and told me how great she was doing...whew!

When she got home she told me he called me during class. Then when I called, he talked to me on the phone in front of the class. She was so embarrassed. I would have been too, but I thought that was sweet of him, trying to make her feel special. I just love teachers. So far we have been blessed in this area.

Little Chick on her first day of school. She was more than excited:)

I got to ride the bus with her, which was a treat. I held it together and didn't even cry. Next year will be harder. She'll be gone full days.

There she is ready to face her new day. As she was leaving the bus I was trying to memorize every little detail. I've been waiting for this day since she was placed in my arms, knowing once school starts it all goes so fast. Can't believe it's finally here!

Have a blessed day.

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