Monday, September 14, 2009

Missy's House

is Missy sitting in her closet...ha!! I thought I'd start her house tour with my favorite room...her closet. Just take a gander. Organization heaven, seriously. I feel all warm and cozy when I step in. Everything neat and in it's place.

is her bedroom. Love those cross pictures over her bed.

dining room. See that hanging vase thing on the wall by the mirror? LOVE that!!

had an interesting discussion when I was over the other day. Missy said she read somewhere that you decorate your house in your favorite season. Well her house is full of warm earth tones and represents Fall to a tee.

always thought my favorite season was Fall too, but my house is like an Easter egg. I have pale yellows, gray blues and greens everywhere. So I started mulling this idea over and I may like Spring better! I LOVE when the leaves bud out on the trees and the grass turns green again. I love the way the air smells alive. This love for Spring probably also stems from the fact that I struggle with Winter so much. When Spring finally gets here I am sooo ready. This was an interesting insight into myself.

She's really good at decorating bookshelves and table tops. I find this hard to do. Love her assortment of vases on top of this built in. Just a really pretty home.

and can't forget her laundry room. She's a fitness instructor and a couple of years ago I painted this painting for her. I took pictures of all her favorite workout pants and then painted a one of a kind piece just for her:)

Just curious, does your house represent your favorite season?

Have a blessed day.

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