Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big God

The first time I saw the ocean in person I was blown away by the feeling of God's presence. My toes buried in the sand, taking in the rhythmic sound of the waves. There is nothing like the powerful push and pull of the ocean's tide and the great expanse of "the deep blue" to make you fully aware of His awesomeness. I remember feeling teary eyed and humbled by His power.

Then when we visited Colorado for the first time and I gazed up at the enormous mountains and there it was again, His handiwork bold and blazon right in front of my eyes. The earth shaped and molded by none other than God himself.

ago we went to a concert and one of the songs went "My God's a big God. He walks among the Mountains." I can remember the deep bass of the man singing. It was one of those rumbly super deep voices. I can't help but recall that song when thinking of mountains and their size, and how the song said He walks among they are just stepping stones:)

Every time I see a hawk on the side of the road. I feel His presence too. It's kind of an inside thing between Him and I. I can't really explain it, but when I see one it's a reminder that He is watching over me. He is keenly aware of my little life and all that's going on. He has his eyes on me and I have nothing to fear. Isn't that cool??

you have anything that speaks to you?
How does nature affect you?

Have a blessed day.

Photo Credit: All photos Flickr #1 Shawn Nixon, #2 manyfires, #3 Joel Alexander, #4 Michael Skelton
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