Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Barns and more barns

This summer I had the opportunity to pick up some really beautiful reproductions of barn paintings. I absolutely LOVE barns and have always wanted to paint one. Aren't these gorgeous?? The artist is Billy Jacobs.

I found this beautiful photo online and decided as part of my 21 day challenge to just begin my own barn painting. On the left is the photo and on the right my version.

The canvas is really big at 24" X 36". I decided to hang it on the landing wall that leads to my upstairs. Love the pop of red. Definitely gives me my barn fix:)

Have a blessed day.

wanted to thank you all for your wonderful words of support yesterday. Many of you shared your own stories...thank you for being so honest and real. You are ALL awesome. I am so humbled to have you in my life!

Barn Photo Image: Fey Handmade
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