Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My first official book review!

A while back I was contacted by a publishing company and asked to do a book review. Imagine my complete and utter surprise. Such an honor!! So last week while I was on vacation I read the book and I'm pleased to present my first official book review.

The book is called Historic Photos of Minnesota and it is written by Susan Marks. Susan lives in Minneapolis and did an amazing job of compiling hundreds of historic photos that span more than 100 years of Minnesota's history. She breaks it down from before Minnesota actually had a name (1850) through to a more modern Minnesota (1969).

It was really interesting to learn so much about the state that I knew practically nothing about. We moved here 5 years ago and it has always been obvious to us that the people here are very proud to be Minnesotans. After reading this book and seeing all of the glorious pictures in detail I can now see why. She does a wonderful job of capturing the heart of the Minnesotan and telling their story. I definitely have a better understanding of this beautiful state's past, present and hopefully extraordinary future.

Have a blessed day.

Photo Credit: All the above photos from Historic Photos of Minnesota, Susan Marks

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