Tuesday, July 21, 2009

5 lbs of "beauty fat"

I have a confession to make...I am a social eater. Every time, every. single. time. I am around other people I get caught up in the moment and eat too much. It's a curse I know. One that I'm sure I share with multitudes of other people. The problem with this addiction is evident. Every time I go home I gain weight. This time it was 5 pounds.

I was discussing this little problem with my sister-in-law Julie on the phone the other day and she told me something really cute. She struggles with tummy fat, like most of us do after babies. She was at the pool and her daughter Brittany told her that she considered that fat! She said it was beautiful because it was related to her and her brother's existence etc...

I love the idea of looking at flaws on our bodies and renaming them. She's definitely on to something there.

What if instead of:

Pouchy fat belly replace with beauty fat

Wrinkles replace with lines of laughter

Gray hair replace with strands of wisdom

Stretch Marks replace with oh I don't know a good one for that...


Have a blessed day.

Photo credit: Flickr
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