Thursday, July 23, 2009

Annette's house

My neice Annette lives in this awesome old farmhouse. During my stay in Illinois we arranged a playdate with our kids and it was just really nice to catch up and reconnect.

She is my oldest brother Rick's daughter. We are only 6 years apart, so we've always been more friends than anything else. She has such a quiet gentle spirit and I love her sense of humor. She is also a really great mother. Her kids are so well behaved and nothing seems to ruffle her feathers.

She has a great knack for decorating with antiques. Those are fishing lures up on top of her kitchen cabinets. How cool is that?

Don't you love this bench?? She got her bench at the same flea market I got mine...Third Sunday Market in Bloomington, IL.

Have a blessed day.

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