Friday, July 24, 2009

Lifelong friends...priceless!

My absolute favorite part of going home is getting to spend time with these lovely ladies. Marylynn and Lori have been in my life for quite a while. We met when I had just had Big chick. I was a lonely stay at home mom and God changed my life by bringing these two wonderful ladies into it!

I "met" Lori at Wal-mart. She was in the grocery section and I seriously stalked her down and introduced myself. How desperate is that? To be honest...God told me to do it. How do I know that? Because I didn't want to do it and my heart was racing, and I thought she was going to think I was crazy, but I had to because I was being prompted. So glad I was obedient. We have been best of friends ever since:)

I met Marylynn through a Mommies group. She was just the kind of person that I needed to identify with to embrace motherhood to the fullest. She struggled with many of the same issues I did and made it seem okay to be that way. We are very different in a lot of ways, but those similar experiences have given us such a special bond.

This is my momma and her friend Linda. They used to live in the same neighborhood and were friends before I was even born. I always looked at "Aunt Linda" as a sort of second mom to me. I have so many memories of going over to her house when I was little. She always called me Lou for some reason:)

Friends are simply a gift. We need them like air. I have been blessed with so many unique special friends in my life...they are all different and all of them fill a space in my heart. I'm beyond grateful for them and for all of my "blogging friends", because of you my days are full and worthwhile. It's definitely worth the investment...the payback is ten-fold:)

Have a blessed day.

BTW...My blogging friend Katie Lane just started a new blog called Traveling the Blogosphere and she featured Farmgirl Paints!! Check out her amazing new site.
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