Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby Boom!

One of the highlights of our Illinois trip was my cousin Tammy's son getting baptised.

The pictures above represent the baby boom my family has had over the last few months. I come from a really large family. My dad is one of eight, so you can imagine all the cousins and their babies. I have completely lost track of who belongs to whom and their names. I can barely remember all of my cousins names...isn't that horrible!!

This is my Grandma June's church. It's in a tiny little town in Central Illinois and has maybe 30 members on a good Sunday. The whole left side is just some of our family:)

It is very old fashioned and charming in a way. My favorite part was when the minister passed around a microphone and had people share prayer requests and praise from the week. That would never happen in the large church I attend. We would be there all day. Gotta love that intimate feeling that a small church provides.

During the baptism...William trying to make his escape:)

William looking a little frightened, but safe in his momma's arms.

Afterwards with my cousin Tammy and my niece Annette (remember her house...from last week?).

My big brother Jim.

My "peeps".

Grandma June with some of the new additions to the family tree. The first set of twins so far...

William, with his daddy Omer...the star of the show:)

Finally a rare shot of me and my folks. Aren't they adorable? Thanks for indulging me with this family photo album. You know how much I love my family:) It was a special day.

I'm curious about you too...
if you go...what is your church like and do you baptise as babies or adults??

Have a blessed day.

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