Monday, July 20, 2009

Chicago Wedding Madness

One of my good friend's Angie got married in Chicago last weekend. The timing wasn't exactly perfect for us. The wedding was at 5:00 in Chicago and the next morning we had my cousin's baby dedication early, so needless to say my Honey wasn't too excited about my itinerary and the time crunch.

Add to the fact that the day of the wedding...down in Central Illinois it was raining. We had to drive an hour to meet up with my girlfriend Mindy and her husband Jaret, and then they drove us the rest of the way.

My Honey was
not in a good mood. Mindy and Jaret live waaayy out in the country and it was raining so, to drive home the point he started singing, "The things you do for love"...ha!

Fortunately for my friend Angie, Chicago was having glorious much so that the beach and everything else was crowded!! Once we got to Lake Shore Drive it took us 1 1/2 hours to drive 6 miles. We of course didn't plan for this delay, so Mindy and I had to get ready in the car...YES I said we had to get ready IN THE CAR.

We had absolutely no time to spare to make it to the wedding and we couldn't find a parking place anywhere, so the guys didn't get to come!! That's right...they drove around for the entire time looking for a parking place:o!!

They were both so delirious from looking for a spot that they were laughing like two teenage girls when they picked us up. I don't think I have ever heard my honey laugh so much in my entire life!!

Here we are in the nick of time, and I have to say that for dressing in the car we look pretty good:)

Angie's wedding took place at the Lincoln Park Conservatory. It was beautiful. Kind of strange though for complete strangers to be standing off to the side watching in their shorts and flip flops.

Her son walked her down the aisle. How sweet:)

Angie looked really pretty on her big day. She had a red sash around her waist and her veil was trimmed in red. I'd never seen that before.

This is the group of girls I was close with in college...along with Angie. It was a great opportunity for all of us to see each other again.

Mindy and Jaret

After the wedding we had some time to burn, so we walked around downtown a bit before the reception started. I've been to Chicago a few times, but I don't ever remember there being SO many people. It's how I envision New York...shoulder to shoulder people walking down the sidewalk. A little claustrophobic for me. I guess I really am a "farmgirl" at heart.

The reception was an evening cruise and dinner along the Chicago River. How cool is that??

Pandy and Aaron

Rachel and biggest fan;)

The cake:0 Have you ever seen a cupcake tower thingy? I was a little disappointed. You know how much cake means to me...especially wedding cake. It would have been fine and dandy because I love cupcakes too, but the one I picked was filled with JELLY...UGH! Oh well;)

Did I mention that Angie is the world's biggest Cubs fan?! If the Cubs weren't playing at Wrigley field that day I'm sure she would have tried to have the wedding there.

The boat ride was fun. I'd never done anything like that before, so it was a real treat. The night ended with cool!

It was definitely a memory making day, we even got a little lost going home:O I think right around 3 a.m. our heads hit the pillow. The next morning we were off to the baptism...good times, good times!!

Have a blessed day.

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