Monday, June 15, 2009

My first Mammogram

This past week at my yearly appointment my doctor uttered the dreaded "m" word...mammogram. I really thought I was safe from having to do this until 40, but I guess they like a baseline reading mid-30's. So I scheduled the appointment and like a big girl went in for my test.

have to admit I was really scared. I'm not normally a chicken with stuff like this, but my body kind of took over. My heart was racing and I got the nervous stomach etc... It wasn't just the thought of the procedure itself, it was facing the music regarding my health. So many women get breast cancer. I think the statistic is one in 8. The not knowing seems safer than the finding out. Does that make sense?

The lady who did it was perfect. She was a lot older than me, kind of matronly and she assured me that she did over a thousand of these a year:o So that put me at ease. I can't imagine doing her job to be honest. I mean she was really in there. I thought you just put your boob on a plate thing and they squeezed it. No, she's trying to get all the fat and tissue around it too...even the top of my stomach area. It was intense. Good thing I had a little for her to grab or that would have been painful:) They took 2 shots on each side, one squeezing down and then from the side. The first one didn't hurt, but the side ones did. The pressure only lasts four seconds and then it immediately releases...wheew!

So glad and relieved that it's over. I'll be the first to admit I'm not good with self-exams, but doing a test like that makes you really think about the "what if's". Thank heavens I just got my results back and everything is fine...thank you Jesus!

Have a blessed day.

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