Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Modesty check

One day this week I had to get ready at my gym. Anytime I do this I always have the same thoughts. Why are some people so comfortable with their bodies and others obviously not?! I don't know about you, but in my locker room there are woman who stand with a towel around their waists and blow dry their hair... topless. Some just stand in plain view naked and talk to other women around them:o Now for me this just seems a little insane. I am a fairly modest person. I actually take my underwear with me into the shower at the gym, so I can at least dress that part in private. I was always modest even as a kid, so I really haven't been able to wrap my mind around why some people feel so comfortable openly naked. Is it an upbringing thing or what? Anyway if you are one of these free spirits, completely uninhibited with your body please enlighten me? I really want to know if you feel the least bit uncomfortable doing this?

My inspiration photo this week is of Kate Winslet. She is an actress that I absolutely love. One of my all-time favorite movies is The Holiday. I think what draws me to her is her down to earth, real persona. I also love that she is not overly skinny and has a real body, which as we all know is a rarity by Hollywood standards.

As I focus on a new week with new challenges, my goal is to just keep on keepin' portion sizes, limit the bad (no banana bread) and stretch myself at the gym. That's all I can do. Hopefully the reward will follow:)

Have a blessed day.

Photo credit: #1 Flickr - mwashin
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