Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bella Pilar

First off I just want to thank you for your comments yesterday. Have you ever posted something and then kind of had blogger's remorse? I was a little nervous revealing so much about myself. I thought you might think I was self absorbed or wacky to say the least, but you supported me with the nicest comments. That is what this crazy blogging community is all about and I just love it!

of my favorite artists is Bella Pilar. She uses fashion and women to create some of the most gorgeous paintings ever. I am just in love. You can find her cards at Target or anywhere they sell Papyrus. I have "reproduced" my version of her art on many occasions.

This last one is in my closet. Isn't it fun? Who do you draw inspiration from? I've read that Bella gets her inspiration from Fashion magazines. I tend to become inspired by cards, children's books or photographs.

This is what we did last night. I just have to brag on my honey a bit. He hates home improvement stuff and yet when he got home from work last night he actually asked me if I wanted him to work on this for me. I've got a keeper:)

My work space was so dark and dreary I didn't really ever feel like painting. So now I have no excuses. I love the new track lighting!!

Have a blessed day!

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