Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My love/hate List

Okay a few weeks ago I took a picture of myself first thing in the morning, before my coffee even! I never planned on posting it, but I've been inspired to get real. Two of my favorite blogging friends Janelle from Heartstrings and Lissa from A dash of Humble Pie recently got "real" and showed imperfections in their houses. I thought I'd go a different route and show you my imperfections:o On Tuesdays I usually share my weight loss journey, but today I wanted to go a different direction. I made some lists.

10 Things I DON'T LOVE about my physical self:

1. ) I really don't like that after I shave I can still see all the dark hair follicles right under my skin and within 15 minutes I'm stubbly again.

2.) I really despise the "whiskers" I get on my chinny chin chin:)

3.) I'm not too fond of the extra skin and stretch marks that I have on my tummy after my girls were born. I hate that I have to stuff "it" into my jeans everytime I stand up. Any plastic surgeons out there??

4.) I wish I had longer leaner legs. My legs are short and stocky like a offense any gymnasts out there:)

5.) I really don't like the shape of my arms. I hold weight there and no matter how thin I get I always feel chubby when I wear a sleeveless shirt.

6.) I'm hating on the hyper-pigmentation that happens to my upper lip during the summer. I look like I have a mustache, but I swear I don't:)

7.) I have silver/gray hair. I hate how it's wiry and sticks straight up all kinky like.

8.) I wish my breasts were a little perkier.

9.) I really don't like how my chin breaks out all the time.

10.) The bottom of my feet are cracked and scaly, despite my best efforts to make them beautiful.

10 Things I LOVE about my physical self:

1.) I love my toes. They are really cute and they go from big toe to little toe in a nice straight line down.

2.) I love my eyes. They are green, which I think is pretty. I smile with my eyes hence, the crow's feet.

3.) I love my smile. I recently had my teeth straightened out, so I'm pretty proud of my teeth:)

4.) I love my hair. Despite the gray hair, I finally have long hair. My entire life I had short hair and now it's LONG!

5.) I like my round face. I used to hate this aspect of myself. I always thought my cheeks looked chubby, but I've learned to love my round's cute.

6.) I like my freckles. It hides any skin flare-ups.

7.) I'm happy with my breast size. They may not be real perky, but there is enough...not too much and not too little.

8.) I like my eyebrows. They frame my eyes nicely.

9.) I love that my body is able to run, jump and lift heavy weights. I am reaping the reward for the years of working out. My ability surprises me.

10.) Last but not least, I like my lips. They are a pretty pink color that I can just use lipgloss on:)

Anyway the point of this long, drawn out personal post is that we all have things we love/hate about ourselves. I'm fairy certain most of you feel the same way I do about a majority of the stuff I listed. Despite all the things I don't like, I am still 95% happy with myself. Yeah, I want to lose some weight. I probably always will. I would love to have perkier boobs and a flat tummy...who wouldn't? But I know for a fact that I am blessed!! I have limbs that work, eyes that see and ears that hear. I have use of all my fingers and toes etc...I am a masterpiece. Thank you God for making me just the way I am...I'm so grateful.

Let's celebrate God's Masterpiece today and give thanks for our amazing bodies.

Have a blessed day!

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