Monday, May 11, 2009

The Quest for green grass!

It's beginning already. Every year my husband becomes obsessed with the yard. It starts slowly with little comments about so and so's grass being greener and the neighbors weeds creeping over and infesting ours. Then it becomes an all out war with various trips to Home Depot getting "weed and feed" and grass patch for our Fergie's winter of scorching the lawn. His face presses against our upstairs windows counting every dead spot he sees.

Every year I try to down play the importance of having a perfect yard. I tell him how in the scheme of life it's really low on the list. But it doesn't him it is important and it is his quest for the few warm months that we have to get lush green grass. I do understand this need for conquering something. I feel the same way with the inside of the house. Nothing makes me feel better than to have everything in it's place and for my house to look beautiful, so I guess I can't be too hard on him. The problem with this quest for perfection is that it's only perfect for a moment...ugh!

Have a blessed day!

Photo Credit: It's Greg
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