Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 35 of 49

Okay I'm warning you in advance this might be a little bit of a whiny ranting post. I weighed this morning and I have gained three pounds:o It is no wonder with my vacation and all, but I quickly lost the weight last week and then this morning was back. Why God Why?! OHHHH I remember I ate an ice cream cone and some Girl Scout cookies this weekend. That's the problem with vacation...even after you come back it's hard to get back into the eating groove.

This is totally inappropriate to say with Mother's day just passing, but sometimes I really despise being a woman! This is how my month goes. Week one feeling great on top of the world and in control. At the end of week two ovulation hits and I get crampy bloated and hungry for 2-3 days. Week three I'm pretty good until the end and then PMS hits. We all know about that, with me I actually get the added perk of looking 5 months pregnant. Then the week of my period comes and I'm so tired that I completely lack any motivation to push myself at the gym blah, blah, blah! It's just a roller coaster. Any progress that is made is zapped...month after month. It's no wonder that many of us just throw up our hands and give up.

I'm not giving in though, nooooo just the opposite. I am determined to push through and actually get to the other side. Which brings me to my inspiration photo of the week...Tara from the Biggest Loser. She is just a fighter. I love her drive, passion and desire to win! It is so incredibly motivating. Every week when I watch I seriously have to have a tissue box next to me because I am crying so much. Well the finale is tonight and you HAVE to watch it. It is the most amazing sight to see these before and after's...regardless of whether you need to lose weight or not, WATCH it!!

Goals for this week:

Write down all of my calories - even on the weekend!!

Stick with the workouts - push hard.

Don't get sidetracked by the special occasion stuff this week.

Thanks for listening.

Photo Courtesy: OK Weekly
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