Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Golf virgin no more!

Last night I had the most fun. I got to actually play GOLF. Before we had kids, my honey and I would go to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls, but that's been 10 years ago. So needless to say I was a little nervous when my friend Michelle invited me to go to a Ladies Golfing Event. Michelle's friend Barb has a membership at a country club so she could bring three friends. Their group had an extra spot and it was free so I was I was IN!
Michelle (in the pink shirt) used to be on a golfing league in high school, so she was amazing! It was so cool to be out there with someone who actually knew what they were doing. When she would tee off and hit the ball it would soar through the air just like it was supposed to.

Amy (in the brownish shirt) had never golfed before either, so between the two of us it was a competition to see how many swings it would take for us to actually hit the ball. It was so frustrating and hilarious!! Because we were taking so long, half the time Amy and I were running with our little push carts all over the greens:)
Having no golf experience, needless to say I had no golf clothes, so this is the goofy outfit I came up with:) It was 97 degrees here yesterday, so by the end we were all really tired, sweaty and stinky, but it was a whole lot of fun.

Have a blessed day!

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