Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fergie's Spa Day

I have to admit that Fergie is our baby. She is just a really special little creature. I've never seen such an affectionate sweet spirited dog. She knows when I need love. Does that make sense? There's just nothing like that unconditional quiet companion. It was hard, needless to say, to leave her for a week while we went to Palm Springs. We boarded her and I thought my honey was gonna cry as we pulled away from the kennel place. She was a little shaggy and had hair poking in her eyes when we got back, so today was SPA DAY.
Our groomer's name is Julie and she is just THE sweetest person ever. I swear one day I drove up to get Fergie and the window was open and she was carrying her around talking to her just like a little person. She is the best! Fergie loves her too. Matter of fact she loves everyone...there is absolutely no loyalty. Doesn't matter who you are she will love you. Now if we could all take notes and act like her the world would be a better place.

Have a blessed day!

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