Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kristine's House

My friend Kristine has the most quirky decorating style. I just love it. Since I feel that how we decorate kind of reflects who we are...I would describe her as natural, classy, easy going, a little glam and definitely creative. This is their dining room, which used to be the living room. They added an addition which was the best idea ever. It really transformed her house. I love the farm house table and the pheasants on the mantel are so cool.
See that rake up on the wall? That is just the coolest idea for a glass rack. I love it and she has the same backsplash in her kitchen as I do. Hmmm wonder where she got that idea??
You know that hallway that is at the top of the stairs in every two-story house? The one that is a nightmare to decorate. This is just the greatest idea. She found this ladder at a flea market or something and hung it sideways and then tacked photos to it. I love this idea. The piece above the ladder is something she salvaged somewhere and then hung on the wall...really inventive.
She made this coffee table. There used to be glass in it and it broke and then she just reinvented the whole thing. Genius!
Kristine uses lots of nature in her decorating. When we first became friends we went antiquing and I hadn't seen her house yet and she bought antlers and pinecones. I seriously thought she was a little nutty. But she manages to put them in her house and they look sooo good.
She is able to decorate the tops of things really well too. I find this really challenging. I love the big stripped vase. I think she said she got it at Pier 1.
Again genius with the nature...feathers, pinecones and grapevine.
She had this one dark little corner and decided to hang all of these little mirrors with a small lamp and voila, problem solved.
I was with her when she bought this mirror. It was on our first "date". Again I thought crazy:) What's with the big gaudy mirror, but I love it in her house. It fits and it's really cool. She got it for $10.00, so bargain to boot.
Love this piece too. It's in the dining room. She completely refinished it.
So there's the tour. I hope you found her home as creative and inspiring as I did.
Have a blessed day!

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