Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 49 of 49

Okay I've reached my first goal date and of course last week I said I was extending it 6 weeks:) I need more time. I have been sabotaging myself lately. Not only with food, but with thoughts. When you are fairly close to your goal weight it is super easy to get distracted, lose focus and to slow down on the progress. This is why I have never quite made it to the finish line. I need something to switch again in my mind to make me pick up the slack. Any ideas?? I have learned my weak points in all of this. We eat out alot on the weekends and this definitely sidetracks my progress, and there is always some special occasion to bend my resolve!

My inspiration photo this week is of the lovely Brooke Shields. She is just a ray of sunshine. I love her curves, she's a mom of two and she's 43! I know I'm always showing celebrities and this may not be the most accurate depiction of the average woman, but what can I say...they inspire me. I hope you find some motivation to help you meet your goals this week:)

Have a blessed day!

Photo Credit: Shape Magazine, Oct. 2008 issue
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