Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 42 of 49

Okay ladies as I typed in my post title I am realizing my self imposed deadline is coming up and there is noooo way I am going to reach my goal in time...bummer! But to be fair that's just life right? There are vacations, holidays, PMS, birthdays...cake etc, that keep us from always keeping right on track. With this said I am not going to stop trying just because I didn't meet my goal. As a matter of fact I will never stop trying. But I do think a goal is a great idea. It is a motivator and with that I am making a new goal. I have been inching my way closer, so I should have time to "hopefully" get there by the 4th of July. I would like to lose 9 pounds and the 4th is approximately 6 weeks away, so that's doable. Is anybody with ME?! We can do this:)

Oh and my inspiration picture this week is of Carrie Ann Inaba. I think she looks amazing. She is one of the judges on Dancing with the Stars. The finale is tonight, so if you haven't watched the show yet catch it on ABC this evening and check out Miss Carrie Ann!!

Have a blessed day!

Photo Courtesy: ABC
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