Saturday, May 9, 2009

The birds and the bees

You know in celebration of motherhood and all I did the most motherly thing in the world a few minutes ago and decided to share the "facts of life" with my oldest. We have covered the basics VERY briefly in the past, but I felt the need to get a little more detailed. It is my worst fear for her to learn this stuff at school and get all confused. So with various hand gestures and educational vocabulary I put it all out on the table. She handled it very well and managed to look me in the eye on more than one occasion. Which I thought was a success. I immediately emailed her best friend's mom as a nice heads up, because as we all know girls like to share. I have to say it's a relief getting this "mysteries of life" talk off my chest. I feel like a weight has been lifted. And I'm sure my big chick will feel the same some day;)

Have a blessed day!

Photo credit: jawadn_99
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