Monday, April 6, 2009

You're Gonna Miss This

Every Sunday night after the chicks are tucked in my husband and I head for the basement. We take our treats and cuddle in and watch our shows. Well I should say I cuddle in, my husband irons his shirts for the week...whatever;) Anyway last night The Academy of Country Music Awards were on. We love country music and they always put on quite an awards show. Trace Adkins won for Best Single of the Year for "You're Gonna Miss This". It's a heart wrenching song written by a man who's daughter just got married. Now for month's my husband has been telling me about this song and how every time he's at the gym it plays and he almost has to go to bathroom because it makes him so emotional. So when Trace goes up to get his award the song is playing in the background and I swear my husband is on the verge of tears!

I embedded the video in my sidebar. If you want to watch it make sure to pause my playlist music at the bottom of the page and then go to the sidebar and hit the play button. The song will get to you. There's truth in all goes so fast and then poof they will be gone. Let's hug our little ones awhile longer tonight:)

Have a blessed day!

Photo credit: Matt McGee

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