Sunday, April 5, 2009

Little Chick's Happy Place


Well here it is the big reveal!! I've been waiting patiently all winter for the inspiration to come for my little chick's room. I told her last year when we did big chick's room that she was next and well...up until now I didn't know what to do. Then it hit me! I love my "be happy" bowl, why not base the room on the bowl? So I did and it turned out really cute.
Here is the final product. It was many projects in one. I had to repaint the walls, sew the bedding, refinish and decoupage the bed and then finish with the mural flowers and wipe board...whew makes me tired just thinking about it!!
Here is the "happy" cloud over her bed. This is very appropriate for my little chick. She needs reminding of this on a daily basis:)
I'm very proud of the bedding. I already had the purple sheets and had made the polka dots shams previously, so I just sewed a new duvet, king size sham and little orange pillow. I'm not a master seamstress so I always marvel that I can actually pull off a sewing project. With God's help all things are possible right?

The bed was given to us when my husband's grandmother passed away. It is really old and rickety and we will probably have to replace it before too long, so I antiqued it and then added scrapbook paper to give it an unusual shabby kind of look...I Love it now!
Big chick got a chalkboard wall, but I wanted to do something different in little chick's room. So I opted for the dry erase board.
It took several coats to get it this good, and it's not perfect. Hopefully it will work good when we try it out. It has to cure for a few days. So if you have any questions about it I'll let you know.

This little table was also given to us. It used to be an old fashioned school desk. I actually painted it years ago, but it goes perfectly in her little corner for a side table.

My husband was a real trooper putting furniture together for me this weekend. He is in the tax business and right now he is hardly ever home, so this was a real labor of love. We got these bookshelves at IKEA for $60! I am probably going to decoupage the backs of them because I think it's too much black. I'll have to show the end result when I'm finished.
And finally this is her new dresser (IKEA). Another labor of love from my honey. The butterfly painting was the first piece of art I ever did at my local art class. I've mentioned before I love butterflies. Thank heavens for little girl's rooms to decorate:) I still have to add pretty things to the top of her dresser and a lamp but overall the room is pretty much complete. Boy when the inspiration out!!!

Have a blessed day!

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