Thursday, April 9, 2009's officially Spring!

I have patiently been waiting for the day when I could share this...Spring. Low and behold driving by the lake today I was finally able to take the photo I've been waiting for. The lake by our house finally thawed out and there is not a trace of ice. Earlier in the week it was still frozen in some spots! When we moved to Minnesota almost 5 years ago I quickly learned a new seasonal date scale.

Spring starts when the lake thaws completely, usually mid-April.

Summer begins the day we can finally go swimming, which is usually the last week of June or the first week of July.

Fall starts the day after Labor Day. Last year on Labor Day I was at the pool with my kids and honey and then the next day I was wearing a sweatshirt.

Winter begins when I can no longer stand to walk my dog outside, which is usually the last week of November. So there you have it...Becky's Minnesota Seasonal Chart:)

Have a blessed day!

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