Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Casting my a Box:)

I awoke jolted by a memory of something I wanted to do...something important! I need to make a prayer box. I just finished a book recently in which one of the character's had a box they put their prayers into and I thought what a great idea!! Then I forgot...until today. So I searched my closet and found a little box and decided to consecrate that box my "holy little prayer box". I have had a heart full of prayer requests lately. I have felt heavy, burdened and worrisome. I know that at anytime I can take it to the Lord, but sometimes I forget and even when I do I still "carry" it with me in the form of worry or dread. So from now on my goal is to write it down, cast my cares at His feet and to walk away literally. I need that visual reminder that I don't need to hold onto it anymore. He is in charge and it is in His care.

Have a blessed day!

Photo Credit: Theophilos
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