Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Off to Grandma's House we go!

As you read this I will be off on a road trip adventure with my two chicks. Every year for Spring break we make a "break" for Home. Home being Central Illinois. I can't wait to see the miles and miles of flat open prairie land. It really is very beautiful.
My husband misses out because he is in the Tax profession and can't get away at this time of year...bummer:( Regardless, we load up the car with movies and snacks and just go, go, go for about 10-11 hours. The first time I made the trip alone (without him) it was terrifying. Now I find it a little exhilarating. I can do this.
We haven't been back since last July, so it is going to feel wonderful to see all things familiar. My favorite thing is walking into my parents house for the first time and smelling home. It is pure heaven:) I hope you have a blessed week.

Photo #1 Amie Jason, Photo #2 Vidula, Photo #3 Kevin Dooley

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