Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bump in the Road

My morning didn't really go as planned. I went to get an oil change and that turned into $735 for 4 new tires. I apparently drove over a pot hole or something, which is not hard to do in Minnesota in the Winter. Instead of replacing just the one they have to do all of them, because I have all wheel drive...UGH! I am not a very flexible person when it comes to a "bump" in the road. It takes me some time to readjust my attitude and get on board with the change in plan and pocketbook. Do any of you struggle with this too?
We are all trying to cut back and watch our expenses with the recession and then bam...the unexpected. To get back on track my prayer went something like this "Lord forgive me for my bad attitude and thank you for providing what I need, when I need it. I trust you in all things big and small." Amazing how much better I feel now:)
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