Wednesday, July 8, 2009

God's Promise

Chick's had a little playmate over for dinner tonight. This of course got me thinking about my own childhood. When I was a little girl I would bring friends home and I would have my mom "witness" to them. I wanted her to share Jesus and I knew no one could do it better than my mom. As we sat around the dinner table tonight I thought "wow is that my responsibility now too?" Am I really in the same stage of my life that my mom was in? She always seemed so strong, brave and bold in her faith. Is it my turn to be like that??

Before we started eating I said a blessing over our food, and I was very aware that praying over dinner was a new experience for this little girl. And then on the way home we saw a beautiful rainbow and I told her about how it was a promise from God not to flood the earth again. Regardless of how I feel my life is a witness and I want to be used by God however He sees fit. Amazing how when you are willing He gives you plenty of opportunities to share.

Have a blessed day.

Photo credit Michele Valentinez
REPOSTED from 3/28/09
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