Wednesday, October 8, 2014

having church

Hi friends:)  I get little messages often from long time readers asking me to blog more.  I want to!  I really do... I miss it!  But I'm in a different, busier season in my life, and as much as I long for leisurely days snapping pics and writing my thoughts down this is where God has me right now.  I'm putting one foot in front of the other and doing what I feel He's leading me to do. 

I've noticed that along with busyness comes distraction.  Man I hate being distracted!!  And I'm not a fan of how that plays out in my home.  We all have our own agendas.  Our own schedules and mile long to-do lists.  Each person in our little family unit leads a separate life and it's hard to meld those all together lately.  School started.  Marching band is in full swing.  New friends have been made...that I haven't met:/ There are teachers I haven't heard of.  Honey is focused on building his business and I'm in the throes of the shop's busiest season.  It's wonderful to be busy.  It's good to work and carry on in life, but I have to tell you I miss simple.  I miss connecting.  I miss my people.

Sunday we skipped church!  Yes we played hookie and it WAS good!  Sometimes you need to just be with your family and not in a crowd.  Sometimes you need to step away from chores, home improvement projects, PHONES and just be together.  Not that skipping church is the answer, but this week it was.  We made a huge family breakfast.  We played a board game out on our patio! We went to the mall to find a dress for Big Chick's homecoming.  We spent time together:))

I know there's a balance.  And I'm determined to find it.  These threads that tie us together are only as strong as the time and attention we put into them.  SO I'm making a blanket statement.  It's going to be dramatic.  It's going to be radical!  Are you ready for it??

I'm declaring that every Sunday is going to be Silent Sunday.  
No computer.
  No phone.
  No work.
  No chores.  

We're going to eat together, play together, listen to each other and focus on what's important...each other:)  We'll go to actual church too!  But we'll have church all day.  Those four walls don't define that day!  The family unit is holy.  

 I made this chalkwall in our kitchen recently and I picked gather as the focal word.  This is where we come together.  This is our gathering place. It's not only for us, but for us to hopefully begin reaching out to others.  Slowing down and making time for that is KEY.  I'm praying the shift happens. 

 How do you find balance?  Do you have a time carved out for your family?  I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.  I think this is important business.  The enemy is out to take over our families.  I think he uses distraction most of the time.  Our family IS our mission field. 

This gal...Steffany Gretzinger is my FAVORITE singer right now.  This album is FULL and overflowing with goodness.  I just found this video here to listen.  
Soooo beyond anointed.  Have church with me right now.

Be a blessing,

my girls...
glorious fall weather
orders being shipped out!!!

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