Sunday, March 23, 2014

Young House OUR house!!!

Do you ever want to just plop yourself in a sunspot cause life is swirling around you so full speed?! The sun warming your skin is just the ticket to calming your inner "noise":)  Yeah me too.  I told you March was going to be crazy.  It has been.  Let me elaborate a little more.

A few weeks back I got an email from a local friend Maureen.  She was commenting on a blog post I wrote.  I think the one with the studio reveal.  She casually asked me if I knew Young House Love.  Uh yeah you can't live in Richmond, or blog really without knowing this sweet little DIY duo. They live here too. They have a BIG blog.  Really BIG! They just wrote a best selling home improvement book.  They have a new line out at Target.  My Tamara girl moved here because of them. (That's a whole other post.)  Yep I know them:)

She wanted to know if I cared if she wrote them and told them about my house.  Apparently they do a "House Crashing" series.  I said sure, not thinking anything would ever come from it.  Maybe ten minutes later I got an email from Sherry saying that they loved our house and would love to pop over and take some pics!!  Cue major heart racing and a little eeeeeeeeek shriek...and the ball was sent rolling.

So Friday was the day.  And as much as I wanted to be all cool and nonchalant about the whole thing, I wasn't.  The nerves came.  Full on!  Stinking body:/  Don't you hate how it just takes over!  I was NERVOUS nervous.  Like heart racing.  Ohmyword!  Nervous.

Our house is cute.  I know that.  But it's not the normal stuff you see on their blog.  It's wonky.  It's a little on the colorful, childish side.  I'm not a serious decorator.  I have a cow nightlight.  YES I do...thank you Joannie;)  And he was in the pics.  I didn't change a thing for them.  It's just our "live with what you love" style.  And they seemed to really like it.  Yay!!

As soon as I met them they put my nerves to rest.  John came in all smiles...he quickly set up his tripod, and Honey was his sidekick the rest of the day.  Their little girl Clara was there.  Sherry and I chatted in the playroom, talking blogging and pregnancy stories.  I picked her brain about New York City etc...  Then Tamara came and chatted for a bit.  It was sweet and easy, and I'm so glad I didn't get all crazy nervous or anything.  Cause that would have been just silly;)

It's not lost on me that things have been popping lately.  I'm acutely aware of God's favor in our lives and how blessed we are.  This was a really big honor.  Meeting them in person AT OUR HOUSE was major. Thank you Lord for this sweet gift from you!

They are expecting a little one soon, so I'm not sure when the pics will be published, but you know I'll keep you in the know.  Thanks John and Sherry for hanging with us and making us feel like one of the cool kids. And thank you Maureen for taking the time to write them.  What a sweet friend you are!!!  My "counting my joy" list just got a little bit longer:)

Be a blessing.

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