Wednesday, March 19, 2014

loving hard...the Festival of Tamara

Hi friends...I didn't mean to disappear, but I've had a few things up my sleeve;)  If you've been following along on IG you know all about this past week.  A few months ago I dreamed up a plan.  A BIG monster plan to surprise my friend Tamara for her 40th birthday.

The first day Tamara and I met I casually mentioned I was horrible with details.  I flat out told her I would struggle with remembering her name, birthday etc...  It was the truth.  She needed to know right upfront.  You know manage expectations from the very beginning;)  I really am quite embarrassed at times by my inability to remember simple things.  I've had friends for years that I wouldn't know their kids names if my life depended on it.  It just won't sink in.  But every now and then I'm surprised by the things that stick.

I remember thinking to myself this one...this GIRL is going to be important to me.  I could feel my brain kicking in trying to make an association I could remember.  I remember stating her birthday over and over in my mind.  I'm weird I know, but I just knew.  God knew.  She did become important.  She became my person here.  The one that knows me.  The one that I could ask for help and she'd do anything.  She became my right hand helper with my business and like a second mom to my girls.  Her and Bill became our stand in family and in the process filled a huge hole and made this place feel like home.  So needless to say I needed to shock her good and what better way then to become Miss Details;)

Emails were sent, with shaky, "what in the world am I doing hands":)  Texts were sent flying and an up in the air itinerary was formed.  For months she would tell me about these IG friends that held her heart.  She'd tell me about their text messages and emails and I knew without a doubt who should come.  Fortunately for me I knew and loved them too.  Win win!!

I'll spare you all the finite details...because there are a LOT.  I won't go on and on about all the times I almost spilled the beans or how she was in my biz all the time and it was virtually impossible to make this happen.  But I will tell you the surprise happened in stages.  And it was beautiful.  Seeing this girl in tears, completely overwhelmed and in awe was by far the best gift in the world to ME!

We kept the magic/embarrassment going by publicly singing loud and proud on at least three different occasions.  Everyone needed to know it was Tamara's "festival" week.  BTW my Big Chick did her portrait:)  Isn't she beautiful?!?

Mary Krause in MY studio...STAMPING!  Seriously surreal moment for me.  If you don't know her you should.  She's a beautiful, talented soul.  Check out her Etsy shop here.

We picked up like long lost IN REAL LIFE friends and found ourselves at Target...Instagramming in the aisles:) We thrifted the Fan, ate at Kuba Kuba, and Kelly P. and I experienced the most amazing cup of coffee EVER!  We hit the cemetery and the Capitol...oh and the Jefferson Hotel.  

And then phase two of the "Festival of Tamara" kicked in.  We had one more surprise up our sleeves.  Kelly Cach flew in the night before, and while the girls casually had breakfast at my kitchen island, she popped out of the pantry and surprised Tamara's socks off:)  It was perfect!  Oh my heart.  Not sure if it could take anymore.

If you're still reading along this is the part that you need to perk up for.  These girls became family to us over the week.  The seedling little love that we felt for them exploded into real true hardcore feelings.  I honestly feel like I've known them all my life.

The tears came over and over again because what we experienced was a complete gift from Him.  These friendships were meant to be.  This week would never have happened if I hadn't just decided to GO BIG and go for it.  If they would have said hmmmmm I don't know...I only know them online. I'm scared to fly.  That's a long way.  What if they are weird? What if I feel left out?  What if I leave disappointed? What if ________ etc...  This amazing blessing would never have happened.  If you feel lead to do something, meet someone, go somewhere, bless someone, try something new etc......DO IT!  Don't sit on it.  Don't let fear stand in your way.  Those promptings are the Holy Spirit.  That little nudge in your heart needs listened to.  You won't be sorry:)

*More pics to come...the Festival of Tamara continues.

Be a blessing.

forever bonds
loving hard 
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