Wednesday, January 29, 2014

how DOG the bounty hunter grounds me...

True confession time...I have a little habit.  I'm thinking it might not be the healthiest one.  After I partake...I'm a little off.  My mind has trouble focusing.  I'm dissatisfied with everything.  I covet.  Which of course is a sin.  Seems small, but hmmmm.  I'm talking about my Hawaii Life addiction.  Have you watched this HGTV show?

A few years back we visited Maui and then the Big Island, and ever since then I've been a little obsessed and basically ruined. This of course is magnified a bit in the winter months, but I just have this yearning to live there at some point in my life.  I think about it too much.  I pick my memory for all the little places we visited.  It's like my mental vacation.  And I know it's probably not the healthiest thing in the world for me, because honestly it does make me wish for something I don't have, to be somewhere I don't live, and that's wrong.  Boo!  But I'm addicted:/

Since I'm all about Hawaii I watch anything to do with it.  I listen to the Descendants CD over and over again.  I even catch myself watching Dog the Bounty Hunter.  I was relaying this to my helpers this week and Adele had never heard of Dog.  WHAT!??  Seriously??  It was our pleasure to get her up to speed about all things Dog and his crazy family.  

So Adele you've never heard of DOG?!  Where you been girl?  Under a rock.  This show is legendary.  People dress up like them at Halloween.  Okay so it's this family of bounty hunters.  And they are rough and raw.  Dog is a Christian, but he's been in prison...oh and he swears like a trucker.  His wife Beth is rough too.  They look like cartoon characters. He's got a bleach blonde mullet. They both are decked out in leather from head to toe and she's very well endowed.  That's the physical.  They go in looking for these meth heads in THE most awful places in Hawaii.  They are hot on the pursuit.  Tasers and handcuffs ready.  It's thrilling.  When they finally find the fugitive, the people are like "whatevs's my hands, cuff me".  And they still kinda rough them up and throw them in the back of the van...just for intimidation purposes and TV drama.  Then while they are in the car DOG offers them a cig and is like "'s not too late for you to turn your life over":)  They do a little rehabilitation pep talk on the way to jail and at the end they usually pray with the dazed drugged out dude.  It's good TV.  Every episode is basically the same, but I'm hooked because I'm hoping the criminal will actually run or try to shoot Dog or something tantalizing will happen.  Shame on me.

Here's the point.  I do have one;)  The DOG keeps me grounded.  In my one track mind Hawaii is all lush tropical jungles and rainbows. It's endless beaches and blue.  It's magical light, flipflops and dew rags on my head.  But in reality just like every other "perfect" place, job, man, situation etc...there are good and bad things about it. Everything is not perfect. Work is WORK!  People are flawed.  Hawaii has drugs:/

I think the "grass is greener" mentality can keep us in a state of discontent, and that is a HUGE weapon the enemy uses to distract and discourage us.  Even as I type all this out it doesn't change the fact that deep in my heart I want to escape to Hawaii someday.  But I realize that it is an escape and that I am where I am right now for a purpose.  My heart and mind will be here while I'm here.  There's nothing wrong with dreams.  There's nothing wrong with wanting something else as long as it doesn't keep you from the course God has for your life.  Be present in your real life drama.  You only live it once.

Be a blessing.

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